TOP Big bang Mendapat Penghargaan Rookie Asia Star Awards

top bigbang

Salah satu Personil Big bang diberi penghargaan Rookie Award di Festival Film International Busan sesi “Asia Star Awards” dan ini adalah satu-satunya artis korsel (korea selatan) yang berhasilmendapatkan penghargaan tersebut,membanggakan sekali bagi mereka.

One of the personnel of the Big Bang , TOP , was awarded the Rookie Award at the Busan International Film Festival session ” Asia Star Awards” . TOP itself has been in the film festival since October 3 last .

TOP award was received on 5 October. Interestingly , TOP is the only South Korean artist who received the ” Asia Star Award ” among the 4 categories.

YG Entertainment ‘s artists receive awards Rookie Award . Meanwhile, Hong Kong actor , Jimmy Wang received the award ” Best Actor ” and actress from India , Shahana Goswami received the award for ” Best Actress ” . Best Director trophy fell into the hands of Kim Byung Woo .

Meanwhile , TOP has just starred in his latest film , ” Alumni ” . He serves as a North Korean man named Lee Myung Hoon . Narrated , Myung Hoon was forced to become a spy in South Korea to protect his sister . In perjalanannnya , Myung Hoon met with enemies who have opposed it . However , he was willing to do anything for the safety of his brother .